Of Tuxedos and Groomsmen

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Your wedding is already fast approaching, and everyone is on their toes, preparing for everything to go as smoothly as planned. The bride and the groom are ready, and their entourage is enlisted. The venue, the food, the clothes, and all the other niceties are already taken care of. One thing you must not forget, is to take care of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.

While the bridesmaids are already busy and buzzing about the pre-wedding planning and bridal shower planning, the groomsmen are of course, excited for the bachelor party. Pre-wedding parties are always fun and thrilling. It's a great way to reminisce of the couple's single days before they head off to the sunset of happily married people. This day it is also a great time not only to reminisce but also to commemorate friendships that have stood the test of time. Some people even take the time to thanks these friends by giving gifts during the pre-wedding parties. Grooms, in gratitude of the friendship and in celebration of their up-coming wedding, could share the blessings in giving gifts to their life-long buddies and drinking mates.

Some men would consider giving their groomsmen flasks during the bachelor's party to emphasize the scared bond of men under the influence of alcohol. Hip flasks and other barware are great things to give groomsmen. But if you want a classier and sophisticated gift to give your groomsmen, you should buy them pocket watches instead. They are not only very useful; they also make the groomsmen look even more handsome during the ceremony. Who wouldn't want to see groomsmen all in tuxedos, with classy vintage pocket watches on hand, looking posh and grand?

These watches could be worn with anything even after the wedding, the groomsmen will still be able to wear them as they like. They make a great keepsakes for years to come. Couples with a higher budget could even have their groomsmen's names engraved on the watches to make them even more personal and special.

Weddings are not only a time to celebrate the union of a couple, it is also a time to recognize the presence of the people who stayed by the couple's side through the good times and the bad times. Giving these gifts will strengthen friendships and remind friends that they're all changing and moving for greater things in life like marriage and family. The watches that the groomsmen will receive will remind them of time and its value to building and nourishing relationships. It's sentimental and classy. With everyone looking sophisticated and happy during the wedding day itself, what could go wrong?

Weddings are where friendship and love collide in the most picturesque way possible. Who says women are the only ones allowed to go through all these rigorous wedding stuff? The groom and the groomsmen can also have the time of their lives during these events. Grooms could say 'thanks' to their lifelong buddies through these gifts!

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Of Tuxedos and Groomsmen

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This article was published on 2012/02/11
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